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Divorce Client

When I had decided to file for my divorce, I went to Rhonda Boule’s office to “interview” her. Immediately, I knew she was the lawyer that I wanted to represent me.   She listened to the intricacies of my case.  She is professional. ethical, honest, thorough, and upfront in regards to reasonable expectations. She truly cares about you as well as what is in the best interest of the whole family. She is more interested in being there for you instead of nickel and diming you for everything. Rhonda goes above and beyond to make sure she is providing you with the right guidance.

The divorce process itself was extremely overwhelming and emotional, but Rhonda supported me through the entirety.   My divorce turned out to be highly contentious, with a year of back and forth nonsense from my ex and his attorney. My ex lives in a different state and I have full custody of my two children, one with special needs.  His attorney turned out to be the opposite of Rhonda.  She was dishonest, abusive, unreasonable, and cared only about winning instead of looking after the best interest of the children.  As upsetting and intimidating as these tactics were to me, Rhonda’s reassurance and representation never wavered from her professionalism and stuck to the facts and the law.   Having Rhonda in my corner gave me the confidence that I would get everything I deserved and needed to move on with my life.  She was finally able to get them to settle close to what she told me to expect without going to trial.  I am very grateful to have had Rhonda as my attorney.  If you are looking for a lawyer who will fight for you with her knowledge of the law instead of putting on a show, Rhonda Boule is the attorney for you.

-Divorce Client, Framingham, MA

August, 2018


Newton Landlord/Tenant Client

I highly recommend Attorney Rhonda Boulé to anyone needing legal help.

I am a senior citizen and have rented a house in Newton for the past 17 years.  This fall, my landlord wanted to raise my rent by 25%.  While I tried to negotiate a smaller increase, I was served with a 14 day notice to quit – basically an eviction

Frustrated and apprehensive about hiring a lawyer, I contacted Attorney Rhonda Boulé and retained her to handle my case.  Her kindness, concern and expert legal counsel eased my concerns.  It is also important to note her response to phone calls.  Calls from me were very quickly returned if I could not reach her directly, an attribute most lawyers and business people do not have.

She determined the eviction notice was executed improperly and was not legally valid.  She also found a number of code violations that would need to be addressed by the landlord to warrant a rent increase.  Ms Boulé not only researched the laws and statutes relating to this case but also spent many hours of her own time on legal research and case law to substantiate our position.

My landlord’s attorney backed down on the rent increase, and my rent remained the same.  Unfortunately my landlord wants the house back, and I am still facing eviction, but Attorney Boulé has been able to put this off for a number of months.  I will continue to rely on Ms. Boule’s diligence and expertise during this difficult time.

Newton Business & Landlord/Tenant Client

Rhonda Boulé and her former law partner are the best!  I have had many dealings with them through work and they have helped us extensively on a variety of issues.  Whether it is regarding a default account, issues regarding rental properties, or setting up new entities as well as general legal advice, the lawyers  have handled it quickly and have provided very clear and detailed information so that we can make the best decisions through any and all steps involved. They go above and beyond, and truly have a personal approach to their cases.  They are more than fair in terms of their billing practices and are not trying to  take advantage of anyone. If you need their services, I would definitely recommend calling them!!

Newton Child Support Client

I personally cannot say enough good things about this practice, and about Attorney Rhonda Boule in particular, who helped me with my recent child support issues. After many years of subpar representation by another firm, I was very favorably impressed with Attorney Boule’s efficiency, intelligence and knowledge base, practicality, and responsiveness. I am so grateful to her for her professionalism and would highly recommend her for anyone with a child support or custody issue.

Divorce Client

In my professional career as an Insurance Agent, I’ve engaged with many business professionals from a variety of industries, including lawyers and accountants. Learning first-hand about interpersonal etiquette through my own experiences has shown me how communication is crucial for building relationships. I am thankful to have been introduced to Attorney Rhonda Boulé by her Partner, Attorney James R. Ferraro.

In September 2012, I received legal documents informing me that my wife wanted to permanently divorce me after 14 years of marriage. I was referred to an attorney by a college classmate of mine, but became dissatisfied with the progress of my case. In May 2013, I dismissed that attorney, and two weeks later, I was working closely with Attorney Rhonda Boulé. During June and July, 2013, my communication with, and trust in, Attorney Boulé were strengthened, and improved enough to build the level of confidence that made us both feel a fair outcome would be seen in the near future. After several meetings with my wife and her Attorney, and several negotiations, our divorce was finalized in the Courtroom by the Judge on August 21, 2013.

Attorney Boulé faced a serious challenge when she agreed to represent me during the divorce due to my situation. At the time we started working together, I was a 43 year-old married man, with three children younger than 13 years old. I was married in 1998, and had financially provided a stable lifestyle, and secure home for my wife and children. My life drastically changed on March 26, 2006, on the eve of my third child’s birth, when I was involved in a car accident and sustained substantial head injuries, med-flighted to Massachusetts General Hospital for emergency surgery, and was not expected to be alive after that night.

Attorney Boulé has faced not only my problems over the past year, but I’m sure those of other clients going through the divorce process. I give Attorney Boulé all the respect she deserves, and I hope that her other clients don’t take her knowledge and efforts for granted. I’ve never been through a divorce, and don’t plan to ever go through it again. For Attorney Boulé to calmly manage her business, and the emotions of her clients, I’d recommend her to anybody as a friend or advisor!

Construction Contracts & Collections

In the construction industry it is hard to find a good lawyer who will fight for what’s right. Attorney Rhonda S. Boulé has proved time and time again that she is on my side, and she is beyond capable of handling the variety of cases I’ve thrown her way.   She has helped with collections, property liens, litigation, drafting contracts as well as reviewing and correcting contracts. She does exceptional legal work for very reasonable prices.  I have and will continue to recommend Attorney Rhonda S. Boulé to anyone in a legal situation. She is my go to Lawyer.

–    Robert Oppenheim, Regional Industrial Services, Corp.

Stock Purchase Agreement

I was the co-owner of a bar business with my brother for 25 years when I found myself in the position of having to make a difficult decision.  We had reached a point where it made financial sense for me to leave the family business, and I choose to step down and move on to another career.  At the time, I had no idea what it would take to disentangle myself from a 25 year long business relationship with my brother.  It turned out that after being in business together for so long, my brother and I had a lot to work out.

On the recommendation of a friend, I turned to Rhonda.  I needed to make sure my interests were covered and that I would be protected down the road, because it was a bar business. At a time when I needed guidance, I found that Rhonda not only had the answers to my questions, but knew what my concerns were before I did.

She understood the importance of handling the stock buyout in a way that would maximize my interests, while at the same time preserving my relationship with my brother and other family members.  She was always objective and represented me in a firm and exacting manner. The stock purchase went smoothly, and she helped me achieve a successful resolution that was fair and equitable so my brother and I could stay friends and brothers, but not business partners.  I realized at the closing how well I was represented and how completely my interests were covered.

I am thankful that I used her legal services.  My brother and I were able to walk away with a handshake, on good terms, and I’m now living a new life with no entanglements from my previous life.  I wouldn’t have been able to do that without an attorney such as Rhonda to handle this difficult transaction.  I would recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation.

-David Balerna, Broughton Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain